Q&A: Comfiest Seat for BIG people

Question: What is the most comfortable toilet seat for big people?


I have found a very comfortable toilet seat. Say good bye to hard, cold, uncomfortable, butt-hurting toilet seats and say hello to the Big John 6W Toilet Seat.

For most people, the standard toilet seat is small and uncomfortable. It fits on a standard toilet and expands your seating seating preference up to 19″ wide.

You don’t have to be big to use this. I’m 5’-6” and 150lbs and I actually prefer this seat s I have it installed in my bathroom. It fits most round and elongated toilets.
The seat shape contours well to accommodate the general population as no one has ever complained about this. With its rubber bumpers, it sits 1” higher to give you more comfort , provides cushioning, and prevents the seat from sliding around. Most of all, it is rated up to 800 pounds.

You can get it at:

Big John Standard Toilet Seat Closed Front with Cover - 6W

They also have other different sizes too, but I can only speak for 6W as that’s what I use in my house.