Q&A: Tiolet Clogging

Question: I purchased a few months ago and it is clogging every now and then. What seems to be the problem with my toilet?

Answer: There is no problem with the toilet itself, maybe there is something inside the toilet that is making it clog. If the problem is with the toilet, you will experience this clogging from the first day you have installed the toilet. Clearly, there is just an obstruction there that you need to clear.

Here's a few options to unclog your toilet.

  1.  Toilet Auger - You can buy a toilet auger from any Home Depot for at least less than $50 and there are a lot of Youtube videos that can guide you on how to use your toilet auger. 
  2. Liquid/Gel Clog Remover - there are a lot of liquid/gel clog removers available in the market. Each has different instructions, so make sure to follow the instructions printed on the label.
  3. Drain Snakes - It is almost the same as toilet augers but it less mechanical and cheaper.

Clogged toilet is very annoying I hope you get your problems solved with these few suggestions.