Galba Toilet


We needed a super-compact toilet, for our super-compact bathroom (only 5' by 6'). None of the mainstream manufacturers offer a toilet with a small depth from front to back. This toilet excels because it is around 4" shorter than most, at just 24.5". But yet it looks stylish and it doesn't seem like it's small. It's the same height and just as comfortable as any other toilet! I think the space saving has largely been accomplished by the slimline tank. The seat is sturdy and has soft close which is a really nice touch.

A week after we got it, the toilet started overflowing when we flushed it. Turns out our drain was blocked. The plumber advised that modern water saving flush toilets and increasing use of wet wipes is causing a lot of blocked drains! We're being careful to use the full flush button now!

--- Scott A 

We absolutely love our Galba toilet. We gutted our bathroom and wanted a smaller skirted toilet to put in our small bathroom. Our search for the perfect toilet led us to the Galba at Modern Mundo. We did the installation ourselves and it went very well. Its function is outstanding also. It has a dual flush and is resistant to “stains”. It is perfect. We could not be any happier. We also installed a bidet seat on the Galba. We must also recommend Modern Mundo. We contacted them for recommendations on the bidet seat and they advised us on which one would work on the Galba toilet. They are fantastic to deal with. They respond very quickly to any questions you might have. I feel that my bathroom is my spa retreat. Check out the Galba toilet at Modern Mundo, you will be glad that you did!

--- Linda S 



Julius Toilet

Thank you very much to all at Modern Mundo. I know Thomas was the first to contact me when my first order did not arrive. Then I believe Ellie relayed the information that it was apparently lost in the shipping process.

I can understand shipping/logistics problems given the unprecedented times the world has been experiencing, and the strain on our electronics/data systems.

Nonetheless, you all stepped in to help me attain my goal of obtaining a small form factor toilet for my remodeling project. Actually, you went above and beyond. You have earned my loyalty and my recommendation to anyone looking to purchase like merchandise. I cannot say enough about your customer support and service.

Thank you again for your help.

--- Brian R, East Amherst NY