Tips on Choosing your Toilet

Bathroom toilet is one of the most essential item in your home. It is not just an item that you can easily pick out from the store and install. You will need a lot of research for your bathroom toilet to work in your intended space. This article will help you with some basic tips on choosing your toilet.

  1. MEASURE YOUR ROUGH IN. Identifying your rough in is easy. Rough in is the space from the wall up to the center of the drain or if you have your existing toilet, it is at the middle of the bolt flanges that holds the toilet down. Twelve inches is the standard rough in but there are ten inches and fourteen inches as well. Identifying your rough in from the start will make the search narrow.
  2. DECIDE ON ONE PIECE OR TWO PIECE TOILETS. Two piece toilets are the most common toilets installed but if you want some sleeker, seamless look you may want to go with one piece toilets.
  3. MEASURE THE SPACE FOR THE TOILET. Before proceeding to search for toilets, you may want to measure the space where you will place your toilet. In order for you to identify the right toilet for you, you need to know the exact space so you would be able to know if the size of the toilet is right and is comfortable in that space. 
  4. CONSIDER A DUAL FLUSH TOILET. Dual flush toilets saves you a lot of water. Most of it is at .8-gpf for liquids and 1.6-gpf for solids rather than the one flush system which always uses 1.6-gpf may it be liquid or solid.
  5. CONSIDER THE PARTS. Get a toilet that has the parts readily available in the market or the seller themselves. This will save you from the hassle of changing the toilet again if you don't find the part that you need. 

Toilet purchase sounds like an easy job but will you have to consider a lot of things. Having these tips will help you narrow down your search and will hopefully help you decide on what toilet to purchase.