What you need to look for when buying smart toilets?

Since electronic bidets are now a thing, many toilet manufacturers also started to produce toilets with built in electronic bidets, calling it a smart toilet or intelligent. With built in smart technology, users will be more comfortable when using the toilet. Smart toilet also adds a luxury effect to the bathroom. 

There are a lot of smart toilets  available in the market today. Here are some factors to consider when buying a smart toilet.

  • Material - All good toilets are made from ceramic. It will now depend if it is treated or untreated. Treated ceramics makes that glossy finish of the toilet. 


  • Features - Find the smart toilet with maximum features that will suit your daily needs and will enhance your toilet experience. Features that makes sure you are comfortable and cleaned up after using the toilet


  • Eco Friendly -  Smart toilets were also developed to reduce the use of toilet papers. Water consumption is also a part of being eco friendly, just like the regular toilets you should always consider the water consumption of a toilet. Look out for how many gallons of water is being used every flush.


  • Warranty -  Smart toilets are expensive so you should make sure that the toilet your purchasing has a warranty and a good customer service. 


These are really the key factors when buying a smart toilet. Of course, also taking into account your comfort and budget, the two most important things when buying anything. 



Cover Photo: MAGNUS - 20" Small INTELLIGENT Toilet